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Our team and philosophy

Roberta F.

“I have always loved reading, imagining I was the depicted character, living their lives adventuring into their journeys. Today I help create those journeys that are able to move and amaze you like the pages of a fascinating tale.”

Alessandro B.

“As a young child, I would enter travel agents’ offices with the hope that one day I could be part of the dream of the journeys offered in their catalogues. As an adult, I have decided to create those dreams in favour of people like me who have always desired to live them.”

Manuel S.

“Since I was a child, I had discovered places and traditions through the keyboards on my pianoforte. Today, some melodies guide me in the composition of experiences mixing art, culture, and flavours.”

Francesca C.

Francesca: Since I was I child I've always loved traveling around Italy with my family. Growing up in Abruzzo, an undiscovered Region in Central Italy, I've realized that foreign travelers didn't know anything about Italy's hidden gems. It is for this reason that, as a travel advisor, I am specialized in crafting unique, authentic and off-the-beaten path experiences.

Authentic Slow Living: “Authentic” as in “Unique”. “Slow” as in “The Art of Living” “Living” as in “Experience”

See the delights of Italy with your own eyes on one of our curated travel experiences. Travel isn’t merely seeing a new place; it is an opportunity to explore, learn, and live another life for the duration of your trip. Move throughout the region while you envision yourself in the ever-changing landscape, immerse yourself in the local culture, and enrich your knowledge through customized tour packages that meet your every need. By investing your time on this excursion, you are choosing to expand your mind, palate, and understanding of the world—a significantly worthwhile investment for your future. Architecture buffs, foodies, wine aficionados, and shopaholics alike will find their place in Italy, where every delight is right at your fingertips. Step into medieval Italy, where imposing colosseums and plazas harken back to another era, or spend time with locals touring small hamlets and indulging your taste buds in regional wines and gelato. See the sights of the gorgeous countryside with your own eyes while you experience travel in an authentic and unique way. With I Go Travel, you can do all of this and more. Taste the flavors of a country steeped in gastronomical history, tasting your way through each region and enjoying delicacies, culinary masterpieces, and homemade dishes throughout your journey. Learn to cook in the authentic Italian way or indulge in a wine tasting in the heart of Italian wine country: I Go Travel experiences are highly customizable to your tastes and needs. We believe that luxury means taking the time to do what you really want, desire, and yearn for. Invest your time and desire with I Go Travel for a comfortable, curated, and immersive journey through Italy.