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Roberta F. Alessandro B. Manuel S.

“I have always loved reading, imagining I was the depicted character, living their lives adventuring into their journeys. Today I help create those journeys that are able to move and amaze you like the pages of a fascinating tale.”

“As a young child, I would enter travel agents’ offices with the hope that one day I could be part of the dream of the journeys offered in their catalogues. As an adult, I have decided to create those dreams in favour of people like me who have always desired to live them.”

“Since I was a child, I had discovered places and traditions through the keyboards on my pianoforte. Today, some melodies guide me in the composition of experiences mixing art, culture, and flavours.”



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Via Monte Grappa 14
13049 Tronzano Vercellese
P.IVA: 02529930022
Tel.: +39 0161 1681122
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