Silent Italy

Slow down.

Take a walk.

Enjoy nature.

Immerse yourself.

Forget busy cities, crowded tourist destinations, and canned tutorials marketed as “immersion workshops.” With I Go Travel’s “Silent Italy” tours, you will engage wholeheartedly with your surroundings and your fellow travelers as we immerse ourselves in the hidden treasures, bustling street corners, and relaxed countryside of Italy.

Our slow travel methods encourage you to detox from technology and the fast pace of the world around us; disconnect from busy schedules, constantly running late, and eating fast food in the office between meetings. You’ll be able to take a breath and experience the world around you.

If you’re looking to get a snapshot of every major destination in Italy, these tours are not for you. Our authentic travel experiences will allow you to live the locals’ way of life for the duration of your trip while seeing iconic landmarks as well as quintessential local byways as you explore Italy by foot. You will have the opportunity to explore every curiosity, dive deep into hands-on courses to gain knowledge you will take back home, and renew your energy through challenging and reflective experiences.

Most importantly, our slow travel tours connect you to the deeper humanity that drives us all; it will stir something deep within you so you will leave our journey feeling more connected and rejuvenated than before.

Walking in Tuscany

This tour is part of our Look Inside, Walk Outside Italian tour packages. Learn more about how our tours will help you disconnect,...

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